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  With an eclectic range of subjects, Dave draws inspiration from the broad vistas and traditions of the west, from colorful market scenes in Mexico, from ancient Aztec and Mayan mythology, and much more. With oils as a medium he seeks to convey not only an image, but also the underlying “feel” of the subject, using a synthesis of styles ranging from quasi-realistic to surrealistic to impressionistic. He has exhibited in galleries and restaurants in Atlanta GA, Steamboat Springs CO and Mexico.  


Formerly a Professor at Emory Medical School, he is also well-known in biomedical circles as the founder of the NOX field, related to free radicals in health and disease (including cancer, heart disease and inflammatory conditions).  Dave resides in Steamboat Springs and Zihuatanejo, Mexico. He is the father of three sons and is married to Melissa, a free-lance writer and video producer.  His work is currently on display at the Center for Visual Arts (Steamboat Springs), and can be seen in his private studio by prior arrangement. Dave would love to hear from you at: 

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